use cases

What is a Use Case?

To explain a Use Case plain and simple we chose the following scenario for you from daily life.

You want to drink a cup of coffee and no one to prepare it for you. So roll up your sleeves and go to work!  What do we need for a simple Use Case?

  • Actor
    Who makes the coffee? (It's obviously you!)
  • Constraints
    How do you want your coffee? (quality, quantity, time...)
  • Business Objects
    What things do we need (coffee, water, cup, coffee percolator...)
  • Main Flow
    How to brew a coffee? (fill percolator with water, insert coffee filter, fill in ground coffee...)
  • Preconditions
    Is everything ready to start? (percolator has power supply...)
  • Post Conditions
    What is the goal? (a cup of fresh brewed black coffee)

So what's it all about? To come from informal, natural language (inexact, ambiguous) to a formal, precise and unambiguous description.

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