Revenue Assurance


Our Revenue Assurance methodology focuses on the key areas of your business, where our systems integration skills and in-depth knowledge of communications business processes can recapture the richest pools of revenue losses. Our end-to-end view of business architecture covers both - business support systems and operational billing systems.

Switch to Bill Audit

Our tests encompass all services and challenge the system's ability to rate effectively by targeting all possible rate plans. This might include hitting peak and off-peak hours, as well as positive and negative testing to determine which calls should or should not pass through the system. Our experts monitor systems for possible revenue leakage, focusing on four main areas: switch integrity, message processing, roamer verification and bill audits.

CDR Verification

Regardless of the tool used during switch verification, the general premise is the same. Test calls are typically used to check the switch's performance. While many providers still may determine their test call patterns manually, some tools do this automatically. Others may decide to simulate calls to avoid the expense of actually running test calls. Cellconsult is supporting both alternatives.

Revenue Stream Integrity

We deploy a testing system with our experts and run continuous end-to-end testing, providing you with the results you need to validate the integrity of your revenue stream. This allows you to quickly recover lost revenue, create a self-funding program, benchmark these results against the results of the industry, and improve the quality of your customer bills.

Fraud Detection Enhancement

We have the expertise to generate fraudulent call data rarely occurring in the network. This particular knowledge enables us to check fraud systems exhaustively and to find even the proverbial needle in the haystack.