Test Data Generation

Generated Test Data has a couple of benefits you cannot neglect.

  • It is "virtual" so you have no legal obstacles in using it
  • It can be generated on demand. No tedious extraction from your production system is necessary
  • It can be intentionally erroneous so negative test cases can easily be tested

Our tools are so flexible that other formats &  protocols can be easily generated after a preparation phase of a couple of days.

  • Analogue Mobile Network - Motorola (TACS)
  • GSM - Nortel, Siemens
  • GPRS - Siemens/Alcatel
  • WAP - Siemens
  • PSTN - Siemens
  • IP - Siemens
  • GSM-IN - Siemens/Alcatel
  • SMS - Nortel, Siemens, Materna
  • Content Application - Materna, Alcatel
  • TAP2/2+/3 - ITU