Test Management

Test Suite Implementations

We support the management of Test Suites from all prevalent vendors for Load Tests, Performance Tests, GUI and API Tests, Application & Web Tests. Our consultants work with you to create a tailored implementation plan covering initial project assessment, rollout, mentoring, training and administration.

Change & Release Management

Change Management Tools are vital for tracking the versions and the reasons behind the changes. Integrating software changes into our test strategy at an early stage of a project leads to improved flexibility, reliability and speed.

Version Control and central storage of software ensure that correct versions of the software are tested and rolled out.

Design of Acceptance Criteria

Our experts will create Acceptance Criteria and Guidelines to ensure that the delivered products correspond exactly with your requirements.

Management of Test Environments

The careful planning of Test Environment architecture is crucial for running tests efficiently. Our Test Engineers have long experience in designing and maintaining dedicated test environments for each test area, working with a master test plan - synchronizing end-to-end tests using multiple environments simultaneously, scheduling tests in test calendars - for coordinating time dependent test-cases while aging a test-environment and exchanging data between test environments - for subsequent test activities in other environments avoiding redundancy and saving time.

Error Tracking

We provide the evaluation, installation & configuration and training of automated defect tracking tools including the design of role-models, state diagrams and error classes. Defect tracking is extremely useful for risk assessment. Used as a knowledge database the collected information facilitates help-desk support after roll-out.

Training & Coaching

To support you in introducing professional test processes to your company we provide goal-oriented training on test methodology and test tools. After finishing the training your staff will be capable of mastering the daily test challenges. For individual problems high-level coaching is provided on demand.