Requirements Management

Requirement Analysis

In the beginning it is of utmost importance to define needs, goals and objectives, identify stakeholders and interfaces and realize the visions and expectations of the customer. Only then we collect the requirements of all stakeholders and assemble them. To accomplish this target we provide experts who fully understand your functional requirements as well as the importance of non-functional and supplementary requirements.

Use Case approach

From our experience we learnt that the Use Case method is the most effective way to achieve best practice in managing requirements. Use Cases help to manage complexity, provide a basic groundwork for requirement- and specification documents, user and training manuals and test cases .

End-to-end Traceability

To avoid that your Requirements get lost on the way while your project proceeds from the initial Requirement creation to the Technical Specification and on to the Test Phase, you have to make them retraceable. Using Requirement Management tools enables us to integrate Requirement Management-, Error Tracking- and Test Management processes to detect the loss. A Requirements Traceability Matrix will point out where Requirements are missing and/or specification documents are incomplete. In addition traceable Requirements are a powerful instrument to distinguish between valid and questionable Change Requests..