Application Testing

Requirement Review

To avoid hidden, redundant and/or excessive requirements we analyze your existing requirement documents. Four levels are identified and examined: Business Requirements, User Requirements, Functional Requirements and Non-Functional Requirements. We make your requirements traceable for Specification Analysis, Acceptance and Change Request Assessment.

Specification Analysis

We ensure that your requirements are adhered to by reviewing the specifications before approval, so differing expectations and resulting disagreements can be prevented from the very beginning. Additionally specifications have to reflect implicit requirements - like compliance with national and international regulations and recommendations - that may have been unspoken but are nevertheless mandatory.

Use Case Extraction & Test Case Creation

Use Case Extraction is a modeling technique used to describe requirements from the user's point of view in a categorized, systematized and retraceable way. Use Cases make requirements testable. Subsequently test cases are created by combining Use Cases with Test Data. A Test Case explains exactly what values or conditions will be sent to the software and what result is expected.

Test Planning

Our Test-Engineers develop custom-tailored test-plans that encompass human- and time resources as well as test calendars. In addition the test plans contain the general test strategy and the prioritization of test activities (risk first).

Generation of Test Data

Test Data is essential for executing test cases . Our Test Data is built in a way that the testing effort can be minimized. The advantages of generating test data are: approved & standardized input, independence of real data, time & resource savings, reusability, large amount of test calls, intentionally erroneous calls

Test Execution

We use dedicated test environments for each test area synchronized by master test plans and scheduled by test calendars. The goal is to simulate the reality during a defined time-period. Even under extreme time pressure our experts are able to accomplish your objectives.

Documentation & Reporting

As a matter of principle we keep detailed and systematic reports and documentation on the test services provided.