SiMobil Slovenia

SiMobilEuro Conversion Project for si.mobil (Vodafone Slovenia)

The night from December 31st, 2006 to January 1st, 2007 si.mobil had to switch over to Euro currency. Our goal was to ensure that no functionality was lost and the business processes of si.mobil could continue without interruption.

Requirement Inspection

  • Compliance with Council Regulation (EC) No 1103/97 of 17 June 1997, the Rules of the Central Bank of Slovenia, and other legal requirements
  • System Requirement Specification according to ANSI/IEEE Standard 830-1984
  • Test Planning according to IEEE 829
  • Test Cases according to IEEE 829

Highlights of the project:

Conversion rate of 239,640 (complex rounding scenarios)

Any action done in 2007 referring to a transaction made in 2006 (SIT) had to be made in EURO. This applied to

  • Payments (cash, direct debit, credit cards)
  • Reversals
  • Refunds
  • Backouts
  • Manual Cash Allocations
  • Fund Transfers
  • Adjustments on any level
  • Credits

The time frame was extremely tight (September to December 2006,  "Big Bang" solution)


The following interfaces had to be analyzed for possible impacts and amendments:

  • SAP Interface
  • Direct Debit Extract File
  • Credit Card Extract File
  • Direct Debit Answer File
  • Shop File
  • Credit Cards Input Files
  • Incoming Cash Announcement
  • Incoming Cash Confirmation Announcement
  • Incoming Cash Confirmation
  • Dunning Letter
  • Billing Interface
  • Customer Referred to Collection Agency
  • ASPI Interface
  • Data Warehouse
  • MAX Interface