Hutchison 3G Austria "Drei"

Hutchison3G Austria "Drei" 1.) Project System Integration Test (SIT)08/2005 to 04/2006

Goal of the project was the replacement of the current Hutchison3G Chordiant based CRM system with PeopleSoft CRM.

The project has been delivered in two phases, phase one replacing all technical workflows for order management using OMQore and mapping current business process functionality available through DasCore/Tom and TOC onto the PeopleSoft model. Basically, every function, that has been available with these systems, has been replaced by PeopleSoft CRM.

The second phase has involved the replacement of CCAA UI and Chordiant and the introduction of brand- new functionalities such as hierarchical billing accounts.

The testing process was the key for ensuring that all systems were integrated correctly and that process flows were integrated on a complete 'end to end' basis.

The testing lifecycle could be kept up in every project stage from completion of business requirements to the development phase, see V-Model.

Since the integration of PeopleSoft CRM was such a large endeavor, touching every part of the business support environment and communicating with most other business support systems was necessary to divide the test project into specific focused areas, mainly determined by business processes:

  • Acquire & Register Customer
  • Billing Account Management
  • Service Management
  • Mobile Number Portability
  • Prepaid and Voucher Management
  • Logistic
  • System Management

Reviews of functional specification have been one of the most important tasks for Cellconsult to prevent requirement defects from occurring.

During the System Integration Test (SIT) a complete end-to-end test has been performed on an environmental level, ensuring that the test systems were communicating and working in accordance to the customer's requirements and specifications.

The  SIT  approach has been based on the Chordiant centered environment. So Migration was an essential part of the project and has been tested in two phases: the test of the data migration itself and the test to guarantee  correctness and consistency of the migrated data.

Additional details about tested processes

Acquire & Register

  • Search for Profile
  • Validate a Customer
  • Create Consumer Prospect
  • Create Consumer Customer
  • Convert Consumer Prospect to Customer
  • Create Contact Authorized Contact
  • Perform Initial Credit Check
  • Create Business Prospect
  • Create Business Customer
  • Convert a Business Prospect to Customer
  • Create Contact Business Administrator
  • Update Result of Financial Stability Check
  • Maintain Customer / Contact Profile
  • Break Relationship between Contact and Customer
  • Create Hierarchical Customer

Billing Account Management

  • Create Billing Account
  • View Account Information
  • Maintain Billing Account
  • Take Ad Hoc Payment
  • Create Payment
  • Allocate Payment
  • Take Payment from Suspense Account
  • Apply Adjustment
  • Apply One off Charge

Service Management

  • View Installed Products and Service Attributes
  • Add Service
  • Remove Service
  • Suspend All Products and Services
  • Reactivate All Products and Services
  • Change MSISDN
  • Raise Insurance Claim
  • Change Device
  • Change Tariff
  • Change USIM
  • Compete Retirement
  • Complete Termination
  • Return Handset
  • Suspend Services and Blacklist Handset
  • Contract swap

Mobile Number Portability

  • Port In
  • Maintain Port In
  • Port Out
  • Maintain Port Out
  • Port In/Port Out Monitoring

Prepaid and Voucher Management

  • Create Prepaid Customer Registered
  • Create Prepaid Customer Anonymous
  • Check Voucher

System Management

  • Availability
  • Storage and Disaster Recovery
  • Second Level Support Response Time
  • Security
  • Permissions

2.) Ongoing System Integration Test / End-to-end Test Support
from 04/2006

for the following systems

  • Peoplesoft CRM
  • EAI
  • Billing & Payment (SinglEView)